Speech and language specialist resource provision

The Sittingbourne School’s Speech and Language Unit is a specialist provision for up to six children per year group who have an identified speech and/or language disorder that is their primary area of need on their Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Students might have speech that is hard to understand, struggle to form words or sentences, not understand words they hear or have difficulties in using language to talk to others in a conversation. The highly individual interventions and support that The Sittingbourne School can put in place will improve their long-term outcomes.

Students are taught by teachers with extensive experience of teaching children with speech and language disorders with the assistance of specialist Teaching Assistants. The school curriculum is adapted and differentiated to meet the needs of individual students. We also offer evidence-based interventions to meet any additional needs such as Lexia (literacy), Sumdog (maths, spelling and grammar), Friendship Skills, Social Skills and much more. The school offers pastoral support including our Pod provision where students have the option of meeting their friends at lunchtime and break away from the mainstream school in a separate area supervised by a member of staff. 

The Assistant SENDCOs for SEND students in The Speech and Language Specialist Resource Provision are: