Subject Leader: Mr C Saker

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The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.


Subject overview

Studying sociology offers insights into social and cultural issues. It helps you develop a multi-perspective and critical approach to understanding issues around culture, identity, media, crime, families and social power. More than once during the course you’re bound to ask yourself the question, “why has society developed like this, with poverty, ignorance, crime and injustice?”

Year 12

The main focus is to outline the role of sociological perspectives in understanding and explaining patterns of social life.

Why study this course?

The study of sociology must focus on contemporary society and foster the development of critical and reflective thinking with a respect for social diversity. It must provide an awareness of the importance of social structure and social action in explaining social issues. Students must be encouraged to develop their own sociological awareness through active engagement with the contemporary social world.

These specifications have been designed with the clear objective of addressing the requirements above and will encourage students to:

  • acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of contemporary social processes and social changes
  • appreciate the significance of theoretical and conceptual issues in sociological debate
  • understand and evaluate sociological methodology and a range of research methods through active involvement in the research process
  • develop skills that enable individuals to focus on their personal identity, roles and responsibilities within society
  • develop a lifelong interest in social issues


Term 1:

Enquiry Questions:

  • How do you conduct sociological research?
  • Are all families the same?


Terms 2-6:

Enquiry Questions:

  • What is the purpose of education in society?
  • Are all families the same?



Year 13

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sociological theories, concepts, evidence and methods
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of sociological theories, concepts, evidence and methods
  • Analyse and evaluate sociological theories, concepts, evidence and methods in order to construct arguments, make judgements and draw conclusions

What does this course lead on to?

Studying sociology has led our students to a whole host of exciting careers, including social work, human resources, advertising, policing, marketing, journalism, law and teaching.


Term 1-6:

Enquiry Questions:

  • Is crime a product of society?
  • Why is the media an important tool in society?