Learning & Ethos


At The Sittingbourne School, we want all students to understand the value of their education and how it will set them up for a successful future.  They should develop curiosity, a love of learning and be prepared to work hard.

To best equip our students for a bright future, we have created a broad and stimulating curriculum that offers both academic and vocational pathways.  We know that children benefit from being exposed to a wide variety of skills and we firmly believe that all our students can succeed academically.  Of course, some children will have greater academic ability than others; and so, to meet the needs of every child, we place them into sets according to their ability range.  

For the academically more able, we have the ASPIRE Project.  High achievers are set much like the grammar stream in other Kent schools, and their learning is designed to stretch, challenge, encourage and motivate them both inside and outside the classroom. 

We place great importance on literacy because we know that good literacy skills are empowering and pave the way for success in a competitive world.  Across the curriculum, we actively encourage reading for pleasure, and through Year 7 to 9 we run the Accelerated Reader Programme.

Everything we do in educating our students is underpinned by brilliant teaching.  Our wide-ranging curriculum is delivered by subject specialists who are passionate about what they do in the classroom.  They set high expectations for effort and behaviour, and they work tirelessly to encourage the very best from every child they teach.