Business Studies


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Subject Leader: Miss L Johnston 

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Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.


Subject overview

Business Studies gives students a greater understanding and awareness of the world they live in, but more specifically how individuals and businesses work within the economy. Business Studies  helps to prepare students  for the world of work. It can be useful for absolutely every job! It is particularly relevant if you want to work in human resources, marketing and finance roles, or if you want to set up your own business.

Year 10

Students are introduced to the OCR Cambridge Nationals course in Enterprise and Marketing. 
In Year 10, students will work on a combination of the examination theory unit (RO64) and their first coursework task (RO65). Students learn about the main activities that take place in order to support a startup business and what the key factors are to consider when starting up a business. As well as this, students learn about customer segmentation and how to target a customer market. 
In the RO65 coursework unit, students are presented with a business challenge from which they create a researched and costed business proposal. They will carry out market research, present data, use idea generation tools, seek and act on feedback, and cost their proposals. In their work on this unit they will develop their self-assessment, collaborative working, creativity, numeracy, research and evaluative skills.

Year 11

In Year 11, students continue with a combination of the examination theory unit (RO64) and are introduced to their second coursework task (RO66). In these units students explore the techniques businesses use to understand their market and develop products, investigate what makes a product viable and understand how businesses attract and retain customers.
In the second coursework unit students prepare for and pitch a business proposal. They develop a brand identity and investigate how best to promote their product and then plan, practise and finally deliver their pitch. Afterwards they review both their performance and their business proposal. This will help develop their analytical and self-evaluative skills as well as those relating to self-presentation.

This course can lead onto further study of the subject at A level or apprenticeships in areas such as administration, IT industry, retail and customer service. 

Sixth Form

Students will develop practical skills and theoretical understanding of the world of business and complete projects investigating topics such as preparing a marketing campaign, managing an event, and business finance. During the course students will develop their group work, IT and presentation skills. Students who study Business will gain an insight into the short, medium and long term running of small to global businesses. Critical thinking about real life examples gives students the skills to understand how businesses operate and compete in various industries.  

Students will study a range of key areas in Business; these are topics such as Exploring Business, where students will learn about the purposes of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the external environment, and how they need to be dynamic and innovative to survive. Other units covered are Marketing, Finance, and Recruitment in the business world. If students are studying for the Diploma in Business, other areas of study include Business Management, Event Planning, Globalisation in Business, and Customer Services. By the time they have completed the course they will have a good knowledge of the wide world of business and a practical skill set that will prepare them for the next stage in their business career. 

This course is all about preparing students for employment and/or entry to university. Future careers include accounting, banking, insurance, human resources, marketing and sales. Business is a broad subject that can mix with a combination of any other vocational or academic courses.