Homework FAQ

What homework is set and when?

Key Stage Three students in Years 7 to 9: the table below shows how often students will be set homework for different subjects  and which night has been allocated for students to complete their homework.  Teachers will set homework before the completion night.








KS3 homework set weekly.

Years 7-9.





Enrichment project

KS3 homework set every two weeks

Years 7-9.



Computer science




Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11) and Key Stage Five (Years 12 and 13): all examination subjects will set at least one homework per week. 


How long will students have to complete their homework?

All students will have one week to complete their homework.


Where is homework set?

All homework will be posted on Google classroom and will show the day that the homework is due to be handed in. Key Stage 3 students have an allocated evening to help manage completion. 


How should homework be submitted?

Individual teachers will state, on Google classroom,  how they would like the homework submitted. Individual teachers will specify whether homework should be submitted on Google classroom, completed on paper/ in exercise books and brought to the lesson.  


Does my child still have to complete homework if they were absent from the lesson?

We advise that homework is completed, even if your child has been absent.  This will help to prevent your child from falling behind.


What if my child does not understand the homework?

If your child does not understand their homework it is really important that they speak to their teacher before the day that the homework is due in.  Your child can send their teacher a message using Google classroom or  speak to their class teacher in person and ask for help.


What support is available for homework?

Teachers will answer any questions sent via Google classroom and are happy to help students in person.  It is really important that students ask for help well before the homework is due to be handed in.  Students are also able to use the school library where computers and help are available.


How can I check what homework my child has?

On our website you will find a parent guide to Google classroom.  You can receive email summaries which tell you the homework that has been set, homework that has not been submitted and upcoming work.  You can also see the homework deadlines.


Here is the website link to our school website which has student and parents guides for Google classroom.


How are rewards and sanctions used for homework?

Rewards: we want to praise and reward students who complete homework to the best of their ability.  We reward students by awarding achievement points for every homework submitted.  Students will also receive verbal praise from their teacher. 


Sanctions:  we want our Year 7 students to develop good homework habits.  

  • If students fail to complete one homework a negative point will be logged and the student will be spoken to by their teacher.
  • If students fail to complete three homeworks per subject, a detention will be issued.  Year 7 homework detentions are held after school with the Head of Year 7.  Parents/carers will be informed and students will use this time to complete their homework. 


We want our students in Key Stage 4 to continue to complete homework to help them make good progress.  The following sanctions will be issued for students in Years 10 and 11:

  •  If students fail to complete two homeworks, parents  will be contacted by departments.
  • If students fail to complete three homeworks,  departments  will  issue a detention after school and parents/carers will be contacted.
  • If students fail to complete four homeworks, Heads of Year/Subject Leaders will request to meet with parents.


What if my internet connection is unreliable or there is no internet connection?

Your child will need to inform their teacher and paper copies of homework will be provided.  


What provision is available at school for supporting homework completion?

  • If students have any questions about their homework, they should speak to their teacher at the end of the lesson/break/lunch or they can contact their teacher via Google classroom.
  • The school library is open every break and lunch and after school for students to complete homework.


Who should I contact if I have concerns?

Please contact your child’s pastoral team via email.  This is the quickest and easiest way to discuss concerns.  

Contact form


My child has forgotten their Google classroom password.  What should they do?

If a student has forgotten their Google classroom password, they should speak to or contact their class teacher.  The class teacher can reset their password for them. 


My child is struggling to submit work on Google classroom.  What should they do?

Here is the website link to our school website which has student and parents guides for Google classroom.