Frequently Asked Questions


Are you currently open for tours?

We will be open for daytime tours after Open Evening.  Booking for this will open shortly.

When can I apply for my child to go to this school please?

The deadline has not been issued by KCC yet.

How will I find out if I have received a place?

This is a Kent County Council decision and they will inform you directly.

How do I get a bus pass?

You must contact the transport companies directly depending on the service to your area.

What is your policy on bullying?

Our bullying policy and all other policies can be found on our website using the following link click here

What extra support do you have for children with Irlen Syndrome?

Students who have an Irens diagnosis can wear their specialist glasses, use overlays as needed.

How do you support previously Looked After Children?

All students have an experienced team of pastoral staff to support them.  We use all the information provided by primary schools, parents and carers to cater for each individual's needs.  Once places are allocated anyone is welcome to email the school to discuss in detail the needs of their child.

What is your ofsted report like?

Our OFSTED report can be found on our website using the following link.  Click here

What is your drama department like?

We have a lively and vibrant drama department who deliver lessons to all year groups and provide an extensive range of extra curricular activities including weekly clubs and whole school productions. 

Do you have an art club?

Yes, we run various art clubs for all year groups and we also run the arts award. 

What do they need to bring when they have PE?

Details of our PE kit can be found on our website using the following link to  uniform.

How do after school clubs work? 

We have a wide range of free extracurricular running each night after school. Students are invited to join any that are relevant to their year group.

How many lessons in the day?

There are 6 lessons per day. Break is 25mins long.  Lunch is 35 mins long.

How long is each lesson?

Each period is 50 mins.

How do students pay for food in the canteen?

Food is paid for using parent pay as we are a cashless school.  For details follow this link

Is hot food available? When?

Hot food is available in snack form at breaktime and as a full meal or snack at lunchtime.
Free toast is available every morning before school to all students.

Can children wear tape over their ear piercings or must they be removed? 

The only jewellery students are allowed is a wrist watch.


If you have additional questions that you feel can't be answered on the website please fill out the form following the link below.