Contact Us

Contact Us


School Telephone: 01795 472449

Option 0 - School office and reception

Option 1 - Attendance and student absences (Year 7 to 11)

Option 2 - Sixth Form, including attendance

Option 3 - Year Group (Year 7 to 11)

Option 4 - Speech and Language department

Option 5 - Deaf department


School office hours: 

Monday to Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm 

Friday 8:00am - 3:30pm



The Sittingbourne School | Swanstree Avenue | Sittingbourne | Kent ME10 4NL


Office and General Enquiries

Office Manager:         Miss S Scott-Drysdale
General Enquiries:

Sixth Form

Telephone: 01795 411901

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher:                          Mr Smith
Deputy Headteacher:             

                                               Mr Cambell                                                                                                                         Mr Southall
                                               Ms Lorman
                                               Mrs Sapp

Year Group Community Contacts

Mr Clarke - Student Engagement Lead, Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr Judd - Whole school PSM


Year 7 Team 

Head of Year: Mr Mendes-Anderson

PSM: Ms Claydon and Ms Higgins


Year 8 Team 

Head of Year: Miss Allum

PSM: Mrs Town


Year 9 Team 

Head of Year: Mrs Green & Mrs Mulhall

PSM: Ms McKenna


Year 10 Team 

Head of Year: Mr Dengate

PSM: Miss Hilton


Year 11 Team 

Head of Year: Mrs Harvey

Academic Leader: Mr Trigwell

PSM: Mr Judd


Sixth Form Team

Principal: Mrs Noble
Vice Principal: Mr La-Haye & Mrs Jones 
PSM: Mr Harvey


Pupil Support

SENCO: Mrs Jewiss