Careers Toolkit and Signposting


There are a large number of online resources and tools to support you in learning about careers and career choices.  These are our recommendations below:


The National Careers Service

A Government website, which has some excellent tools, such as skills assessments and job search facilities - with access to a nationwide database.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

LMI For All is a portal which provides national information on the labour market to help support your career decisions by providing valuable information on wages, employment and qualifications in specific areas of the country.

This site also has a useful ‘Careerometer’ facility, which provides searching facilities for specific careers, displaying the relevant LMI for your choice.

This Labour Market Information site is Kent based, so gives more local data:

Labour Market Information

Youth Employment UK

This organisation is a social enterprise, specifically set up to support youth unemployment.  Their site offers methods to improve your employability skills, support into a wide range of careers and tools to support you through your education, learning and progression.

Specifically, it also offers young professional training to support your life skills for those of you aged between 14 and 24 years.

Careermap UK and Careerometer

This is a useful tool providing a simple way to find out more about specific careers, comparing working hours and average wages of jobs in the UK.

Target Careers

TARGET careers is here to help school leavers make decisions about their future. Explore options for careers, university or apprenticeships and get help applying successfully.