AMA - The Aspire Project

The ASPIRE Project

The Aspire Project is designed to stretch, challenge, encourage and motivate our AMA (Academically
More Able) students both inside and outside the classroom.

The six strands of Aspire are as follows:

A Aim high; be ambitious in everything you do
S Speak with confidence
P Persevere
I Investigate; look further and think deeper
R Read, read, and read some more
Embrace opportunities


At The Sittingbourne School we want to develop students who take pride in their academic success; who are active members of their own community and the wider world; who are prepared to embrace challenge, take risks and step outside of their comfort zone.

We want students to have the best possible preparation for their future careers; to be well informed about the skills, qualities and qualifications they will need to pursue their ambitions and the resilience and confidence to keep aiming high in spite of the difficulties they will inevitably face.

Our broad KS3 curriculum allows students to experience a variety of subject areas, where they encounter challenging lessons and have the opportunity to learn new skills. We want our students to value this breadth and range of knowledge and see every lesson as a chance to explore, an opportunity to discover and above all as a step along their pathway to being the best they can be.

At KS4 students specialise in their chosen areas: here, more than ever, we want them to meet the challenge of learning with vigour and to invest time and energy in their academic studies. The new GCSEs are challenging and rigorous for every student that sit them; we want to ensure that our students face the exams with courage and determination. Whilst exam results should never define the individual, there is no escaping the fact that strong academic results open doors and provide
choice in future pathways.

The programme embraces these strands and aims both to enrich the learning experience and to involve students in thought-provoking activities – through classroom learning, independent learning and external providers or visits.

Ms J van Deelen (AMAP Co-ordinator)