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GCSE & BTEC Results - August 2022

Students at The Sittingbourne School have a lot to celebrate today after receiving the school’s best ever GCSE results

Across the subjects, students have achieved highly and are now well placed to continue their successful learning journeys. All of the TSS staff are so proud of every single Year 11 for what they have achieved this year.

Being the first set of Year 11 students to sit exams for three years was never going to be easy, which is why we couldn’t be prouder of our students today. Their resilience, hard work and determination have paid off with these excellent results. Every student now has valuable qualifications that will allow them to proceed on to the next steps of their life.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and support of all the TSS teachers and support staff who have gone above and beyond to make sure no student missed out. I would also like to thank all of our students' parents and carers for their support too.

Nick Smith - Headteacher

Stand out performers:

Brandon Dowling achieved nine grades 8-7, including an 8 in Maths, English, Biology and Physics. From September he will be studying A level maths, Physics and Engineerring at the Sittingbourne School. He said, “This is amazing. I’m so happy”.









Denisa Dragomir (left in the photo) passed all of her GCSEs and in the process achieved grade 8 Science and grade 7 in Maths, Literature and History. Denisa said, “I’m so happy. Thank you to all my teachers at TSS”.  She is remaining at The Sittingbourne School to study A level Biology and Maths and a double BTEC in Business.






Marshall Underdown passed eight GCSEs grade 7s in Science, Maths and History. He said, “I can’t quite believe it”.  Marshall is also staying at The Sittingbourne School to study A level Biology and a double BTEC in Business.







Emi Ogun achieved eight grade 9-4s, including an 8 in Maths, a double grade 7 in science and a distinction star in Sports Studies. He is going on to study A level Biology and BTECs in Business and Sport at The Sittingbourne School. 


Ella Piesley passed eight GCSE, including grade 7s in Science and Ethics. She is about to start an accountant apprenticeship with Blain Pritchard, Accountants in Sheerness. She said, “Thank you to everyone here for all their help this year”


Bethany Hornshaw has already started her apprenticeship. After passing seven GCSE, she has begun work as part of her dental nurse apprenticeship. She said, “I’m really happy with my grades. The hard work paid off”